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How to Change Your Life and be Happy 7 Proven Tips

how to change your life and be happy
how to change your life and be happy 

Today I am telling you healthy habits that have changed my life for the better and have helped me live a happier and more productive life.  These are just some lifestyle change tips that I have recently discovered and have really honestly changed my life for the better. I'm in such a good place in my life and I just thought it would be so awesome to share these habits.  You know tips that I have for living a healthy happy lifestyle. Here are tips about How to Change Your Life and be Happy, so without further ado let's get started.

1   Never Stop Learning

First Tips to Change Your life is  Never Stop Learning that I have is. I recently just graduated from college. I went to school for four years and I got my bachelor's on and so.  I have been in school from the time I was in kindergarten up until December of this past year.  So what I have recently started doing is keeping up with my education. That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go to school there are things that I do to you know further. My knowledge whether that's reading, listening to podcast or watching YouTube videos. If I don't have time I'll watch a YouTube video or listen to a podcast but I generally prefer to read.

I have a list of all these books that I want to read. This spring and I am super excited. I think it's super important to keep your mind educated and keep learning to grow as a person. Because when you do this so. You're learning and growing. When you learn new things you can adopt new things into your lifestyle.  It's super good for the brain whether that's learning about you know nutrition, exercise, self-health, and motivation business relationships.

Any of that is honestly it's so important and I just love learning. I never want to stop but the thing is now that I'm not in school.  I feel kind of on my own. So I'll do some research, I just have a list of things that I want to read or watch on YouTube or listen to podcasts or TED Talks or something like that. I just think it's super important and this lifestyle change tips really have helped me grow as a person.

2 Be Postive 

 Another tip to change your life that I have  is to be positive. This is a really proven tip for you “how to change your life and be happy”. When you're around a lot of negative people. You will kind of generally tend to get down and be negative about yourself. Life in general and something that I have recently just started is just finding a positive in everything.  I think living a positive lifestyle is a super important lifestyle change tip.  And it has really changed my life and made me a better person as well I kind of make it a game. So if there's nothing going wrong or anything that I generally think is like a negative thing that's happening.

 I will try to find the positive in it. For example, I and my brother were just recently and like a huge traffic jam. It just said like what are five things right now that like came out of this traffic and like things like bonding with my brother.  We love to watch the video like all these different things that have you know benefited from the traffic.  Just like making it a game really find the positive and everything be grateful for your life,  and at the end of the day really reflect on your day.  Find what was your source of happiness that could be like going to go get a book.

You know seeing someone that you liked or being in your PJs all day. Like what was your source of happiness and recognizing and being thankful for that has really helped me and appreciate life. It just helps me remain in such a positive mood. I really think it's a really great tip. I really highly recommend just like playing a game so just find a positive in every situation that you're in so another thing. I do for living a better lifestyle is I always keep dreams up and running. I always have a dream, I always have a mission, always be creative and find something that you like to do something. 

You’re passionate about again that could be like going to yoga classes or taking Walks. You can be passionate about a side business anything like that always get your minds in a creative mindset. Have a goal and have a mission in life because once you lose that there's nothing to look forward t. You can get on like this little trolley of life, just going along not going through twists and turns and learning and adapting. You know getting a creative outlook in life. If you're generally stuck in like this routine that you aren't passionate about finding something that can be your passion. 

It is your creative outlet and just has a mission. Our goal can literally go run a marathon like how something, I want to save up for a cruise that could be a passion saving your money for a cruise just have something that as a goal and something that you're working for it.  Every day it's something that makes you excited to be living and working towards.

3 Do Something New

 This is 3rd tip of how to change your life and be happy that I have is to do something new every single month at least once a month and again that could be getting out of your comfort zone. It could be traveling, that could be learning something new,  taking a cooking class going on a date. You know to do something new and something that gets you out of your comfort zone. At least once a month because when you get out of that little universe teen or rut that you're stuck in it helps you appreciate.
 The life that you have now and find new things and passions. You didn't have a chance to have before it, helps you learn it, helps you grow. 

So just find something once a month that you want to conquer something that is totally different and something that you've been wanting to try that. It can be skydiving. If you really want to go skydiving, go skydiving like do something that gets. You out of your comfort zone, learning and adapting.  For me, I wanted to travel, I want to go someplace new and that is literally being right down the block go to a different part of the challenge. It can help you broaden your horizons and appreciate the life that you have now.

4   Go to Bed Early and Wake Up Early

I think this the best tip to change your life. This habit that I have had that recently changed my life, would be to like go to bed early and wake up early. I am someone that generally tends to just sleep into my body help me too. If you have work or something and you have to wake up early. You can fall asleep at a certain time to get you up at the time that you want naturally.  Fall asleep at a decent hour that way you can wake up.

 Naturally at another decent hour and you get so much more done in the day. You feel so much more productive. When you do wake up, don’t fall back asleep because then you're just going to feel Lethargic and like grumpy. It's just not a good time.  So when your body wakes up the first time, wake up, get up, get your stuff. Done work out you know plan your day, try something new like the last tip. I had you know do something but when you wake up early. You get so much more done and you're so much, more productive and just put you in such a better mindset.

It really has honestly changed my life. I like to sleep with all my windows up because  I like wake up with the Sun naturally but having my windows up and like seeing nature right when I wake up. I love it and I take walks and I get you to know all my errands done at the beginning of the day. It makes me super relaxed at the end of the day. It's just a really good thing to like wake up early.

  5 Take Care of Yourself and Your Body

This is another good tip for you on how to change your life and be happy to take care of yourself and your body. When I say yourself, I mean your` mindset and your way of life. If you're not happy with the way that you're living and you aren't in a good mindset.  Research some things that you can do, to be more happy and productive and to me, that's taking care of myself in my body. One of the things that I do is all have a spa day. If you will and I'll do all my cleaning in my apartment.

 All you know go-go's are stopping for really healthy foods. I do like a face mask a hair mask. I'll do my makeup put some lotion on, taking care of your body just put you in a better mood.  Eating healthy and exercising goes into this. It puts you in a better mindset and it helps you with positive things about yourself. In general what n turn creates a better life.  That's just a tip that I had how to spot a once-a-week and you know take care of your body.  Take a bath and embrace all the spa-like things that help you feel good about yourself.

These things can be like painting your nails or cutting your nails or shaving like whatever, exercise and eat healthily. It puts your body and mind and just such a great positive mood and it makes you feel good about yourself.  In turn, you're better to people and that people are better to do and just like a chain reaction. It really does wonders and drink lots of water, forgot that one but drink lots and lots of water.

6 Take a Walk Daily

 I recently have done and that's a habit of mine. That I do a once a day is taking a walk. I just recently moved to a downtown area. But you don't have to necessarily be in a downtown area to walk.  walking places like if you need to go to the grocery store and it's a mile away go walk to the grocery store walking places. Honestly puts you in such a good minute. It helps you remain in the present and appreciate all the little things like plants and weather all this stuff. It gets your body moving and it doesn't keep you stuck inside and it gets you out in nature. 

I've made a habit of walking every single day. It may be going to grocery stores or going for an exercise walk or whatever. There was a study done that said on your walk a lot. You actually live longer and you live a happier and healthier life.  You can actually look up if your city is walkable.  They have a Walk Score.  So you can look up your city and then lookup Walk Score and the higher the score is the more. You can walk around but that shouldn't stop you.

I used to live in a really small town and believe it or not like. I remember walking from school to my house. Nobody did that you're a Tong.  You can't walk around or if it's unsafe or something goes take a drive and walk somewhere else or whatever and go for a walk somewhere that you really. Scenery a little bit walking really has helped me just live a better life and I just feel so good. I know just puts me in such a better mind. I don't like driving around everywhere I like walking and it's just really Therapeutic for my mind 

7 Take Care of Others

The last step that I have is to take care of something and that can be whether you have a kid. There you have a pet if you have a friend that you take care of or a plant-like literally go grab a plant and take care of that plant. Having someone to take care of or something to take care of really helps you feel like you're doing good and positive things in life. If you have friends and you know kind of
put them in the back burner and you just talk about your life. They help you with yours like that's not a mutual friendship. You want to have a friendship that you help them to and you want to be their source of happiness remember.

I told you about the gratitude and the positive lifestyle you want to be someone else is positive and you want to help other people. When you help other people it honestly raises your vibration and it just puts you in such a good mood. It's good energy and good flow and you have genuinely good
people in your life. You know that they love you for who you are and I just think it's a really great thing to take care of something. Also if it's a pet or a kid or plant helps you learn responsibility and discipline. I think it's just super important.

I hope you enjoyed this article "how to change your life and be happy" . These are lifestyle change tips which I followed and they have changed my life.

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