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What to Eat for Clear Skin: 8 Scientific Foods for Clear Skin

What to Eat for Clear Skin
Clear Skin

Are you looking for how to take care of your skin naturally? You’re in the right place. Healthy skin, in my opinion, is a combination of different factors diet, lifestyle, and skincare. We're going to talk about what to eat for clear skin. These are all foods and diet that I eat. I think skincare is important. It's a small piece of the puzzle. A bigger piece of the puzzle is what you eat and your lifestyle. Here we are not going to talk about any beauty skin product for clear skin. We will talk about the best food for clear skin. These are all foods you can get and eat easily.

First I like to share my story. Honestly, my skin didn't change and tell us her to change the way I eat before my wedding. I spent close to a thousand dollars to get glowing skin. I'm not proud of this thousand dollars and microdermabrasion treatments on serums to get the bridal glowing skin.
What didn't happen because I didn't change the way I eat. I was just focusing on the problem externally and not internally. Now that I've changed the way I eat. I have much better skin than I used to. I’m not genetically blessed with good skin. And I really have to work on it. I will still have days when I break out, I will still have days when things are a little bit irritating. And that could be because of stress. It could be because I probably wasn't eating as well as I thought.

 I don't think anyone can have perfect skin all the time. There’s no such thing as perfect skin. So don't beat yourself up. If you're struggling with skin issues just try your best and don't stress about it. I think when we're stressed about it. It becomes worse. I've talked about the context let's dive into the tips will be mainly for reducing things like redness to reduce premature aging and for reducing acne. Personally, all these natural skincare tips improved my skin a lot. If you want to know how to take care of your skin naturally, read this till the end. This list contains the best food for clear skin. These all are natural things that are good for your skin and you don’t need to buy any skin product to get glowing skin.

8 The Best Food for Clear Skin

0 Eat Healthily

Tip, as I'd like to call it for “what to eat for clear skin”, eats a healthy and balanced diet consistently. I didn't even want to mention this as a tip that's why I'm calling it tip number zero. Because they all know we need to do that. We all know we need to eat a healthy diet for good skin but it was worth mentioning because that is the foundation for the rest of the tips. If you're not eating a healthy diet consistently none of the other natural skin care tips that I'm going to provide you in this article. Make any sense to do on their own.

 Nutrition is not about just doing one thing. There's no one particular nutrient, there's no one particular magic cure for your skin. It's about doing things in conjunction with each other. What is a healthy diet? That is a million-dollar question. We can all do different diets and still have healthy skin because honestly there is no one-size-fits-all approach. When it comes to nutrition you could be vegan, you could be a pescetarian, you could be paleo. It doesn't matter. You can all have good skin. The thing that I think makes the most difference is to stick to a diet that is predominantly Whole Foods or minimally processed food. Take out those ultra-processed foods that take out the foods that don't have much nutrition.

1 Reduce Refined Sugar

If you’re really serious about “best diet for acne-prone skin ” please first reduce refined sugar. There is a link in the science between sugar excess sugar and things like skin wrinkling in sagging premature aging. Let me tell you a lot of the wrinkles that I do have. I've had them for quite some time. I used to be a sugar addict. Now I can't reverse the damage that I've done but at least I can prevent more damage from happening. So what is it about the sugar that causes problems. There is a process called gyration that happens when there is extra sugar molecules.
They attach to the collagen in your skin and they make that calls and stiff and less elastic. So your skin loses its firmness. It starts at Sag and then we have wrinkles. If you want to prevent wrinkles and you want to keep your skin healthy long-term. Reduce the refined sugar in your diet.

2 If You’re  really serious about “the best diet for acne skin”.  Please First Avoid Eating High Glycemic Food.

On it, tip number two is to avoid or limit high glycemic. What is a high glycemic food?. A high glycemic food increase blood sugar level very quickly. Examples of high glycemic foods include Cakes, oats,  white bread, cakes, rice cakes and things like that. These are foods that cause acne in adults. It’s for your skin to reduce the consumption of High Glycemic Food. According to science, there is a link between glycemic foods and acne. And I also feel that this actually does make sense.

Because when I eat more of Glycemic rich foods or when I eat more processed carbohydrates that raise my blood sugar very quickly. I do tend to break out more. If you're having issues and breakouts and you want to reduce them. It's a better idea to stick to low glycemic foods and medium glycemic foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

3 Eat Enough Protein and Vitamin C for Glowing skin

 As you know here I am sharing the best food for clear skin. So Tip number three that I want to share is to eat enough protein and vitamin C. This is a super supplement for skin. If you're eating a balanced diet. You probably are getting enough protein and vitamin C but I still wanted to mention some special considerations. So, first of all, why is protein and vitamin C important for your skin?. Well both of them are building blocks for collagen and your skin is made out of collagen. If you’re really serious about “foods to eat for glowing skin”, you need to get enough protein and vitamin. Let's tackle protein first so in terms of the protein if you're eating a proper diet and you're eating enough calories.

 You probably are getting enough protein but let's say you're on a calorie-restrictive diet. And if you're on a weight loss plan make sure you're getting enough protein because if you're on a calorie-restricted diet depending on how many calories you eat. You could be under eating the protein. The other thing you should keep in mind is if you're eating a diet where you're eliminating a lot of food groups. Let's you're allergic to a lot of food groups or you're eliminating them for other reasons. You could be under eating and that could result and not getting good amount of protein.

Now let's tackle the vitamin C.If you're eating good amount of vegetables and fruits and a balance of them you probably are getting enough vitamin C. But one an important consideration is that when you are stressed or when you're going through periods of stress, your body actually uses up a lot more vitamin C.So during that time it's better to eat more vitamin C.

4 Eat Enough Omega-3

Tip number four is to eat enough omega-3 fatty acids.Omega-3 is the best diet for acne-prone skin. Why are oh maybe three fatty acids important well. They managed oil production in your skin. They can help reduce inflammation, reduce acne and premature aging. If you're not plant-based. You can get your omega-3 fatty acids from fish. I personally get it from fish salmon, herring and mackerel. These are fatty fish that have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. I do recognize some people can't eat seeds they tend to have issues with it. So in my case you can take a supplement there is an algae-based supplement it's plat base that does have omega-3 fatty acids. So that could work for you. If you have issues with nuts and seeds.

5 Get Enough Fruits And Veggies

 On Number five our list of the best food for clear skin is to get enough vegetables and fruits. And to make sure you get a variety. This kind of ties into the base tip which was to eat a healthy diet and to me that means eating a lot of fruit and veggies. The amount of fruit and veggies you eat is totally personal but I would suggest half a plate of fruit and veggie. That is the suggestion of a lot of nutrition organizations. When you're getting half a plate of fruit and veggie for every single meal try to focus on getting a variety. So you're not eating the same ones every single week because when you're eating the same fruits and veggies all the time. You're getting exactly the same nutrients again and again. And it's good to change it up because all different fruits and veggies have different vitamins, minerals, and different phytochemicals. For example, something like watermelons has lycopene. Lycopene reduces sun damage and something like onion will not have like a pimple. Have something else they have a compound in them that helps reduce scars. So really it is best to get a variety so you get a variety of different nutrients. Some of the best fruits for clear skin, you should eat are orange, kiwi, papaya, etc.

6 Zinc

 Tip number six that I want you should know for “good food for clear skin is to get enough zinc because this is the best diet for acne-prone skin.  I don't really like to talk about specific nutrients and skin because it's not like zinc will make your skin amazing. But I wanted to mention zinc specifically because of the low level of zinc cause of acne. So if you are struggling with acne and breakup and scarring as well then it might be related to zinc. I'm not saying definitely really to think it just might be. So have a look at what you're eating and make sure you're getting enough Sang.

 7Take Probiotics and Prebiotics

 Tip number seven is to eat enough probiotics and prebiotics. It’s important for good digestion and good gut health. This means we're going to have healthier skin. There is a link between those probiotics and the simplest sense are bacteria that are good for us. Prebiotics are the food for that bacteria so if you were to just focus on the probiotics and not eat the prebiotics. You're not going to have that much of a benefit. It's important to get both so in terms of probiotics a lot of people recommend a supplement.
 I think supplements do work for certain people but I am getting it from food. First and if that's not helping then try a supplement. In terms of food a couple options or things like sauerkraut, kimchee, and yogurt. It can be plant-based or dairy depending on what works for you and in terms of prebiotics. There are a lot of foods that have periodic. Spri biotic are basically types of fibers that your gut bacteria feed on.  Things like garlic onions, asparagus, apples, and oats all of these have prebiotics.

8 Reduce Dairy

The last tip for What to Eat to Get Clear Skin is to reduce dairy and see how it goes. I was almost not going to include this tip in this list because it's not based on concrete scientific evidence. But there is some preliminary evidence in the last two or three years, it shows that high dairy foods that cause pimples and oily skin. I personally do find this to be the case a lot of things about nutrition are about trying them on yourself. Everyone is so different. There's no one-size-fits-all approach.

 Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article “what to eat for clear skin  “ and you found it informative. These are the best food to eat for clear skin. Just you need to focus on your lifestyle, eating, and habits. These are simple natural skin care tips and you can easily apply them. Please share all these natural skincare tips with your friends, family, and other people.