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Best Dog Food for German Shepherd [2019]

  Best Dog Food for German Shepherd

Best Dog Food for German Shepherd
 Best Dog Food for German Shepherd 
German shepherds dogs are great dogs in the world because of their great amount of flexibility. I think this is the best pet animal. They are loyal, smart and easily trained able dogs. They are versatile dogs in the aspect they can do every type of work for men.  But they require healthy, high quality and clean foods for long life. 

 When there are so many types of foods to eat German shepherds but most people don’t know, which foods are best for your dog, read this complete list of  Best Dog Food for German Shepherd and Best Food for German Shepherd Puppy.

Before discussing German shepherd food for Older and Puppies let first discuss.
  • How many calories a german shepherd or puppy requires?
  • how many times you should feed them in a day. ?
  • How many calories a German shepherd or a puppy requires?.

Requires Calories for Puppies:

The growth of German shepherd puppies is rapid before the age of 18 months.  Therefore, they need high calories foods to support the growth of muscle and bone, good digestive system and a healthy immune system. A portion of good food can overcome health issues later in their life for example 

  1. Bloat.
  2. Obesity. 
  3. Degenerative disc disease.
  4.  Hip dysplasia.
  5. Epilepsy.
  6.  Cataracts. 

Designed good food for your puppy, which contains high calories, calcium, and carbohydrate. Avoid those foods which contain lower calories and fat content, which can lead them to malnourished.

Requires Calories for German  shepherd : 

As you know German shepherd dogs are large dogs, their average weight is 30 to 40 kg (male) and 22 to 32 kg (female). So they need high calories. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, an inactive or older german shepherd require 1272 and 15340 calories while active dogs require 1740 and 2100 calories in a day.

 How many times you should feed a Puppy in a day.?

If a puppy is younger than 5 months, he should eat 5 small meals in a day. From 5 to 10 months, we should eat 4 small meals a day. If they’re  11 months younger should eat 3 meals a day. But make sure don’t eat them as much as they want. They don’t know to eat a large amount of food. Eating a large amount of food can cause bloat etc.

How many times a day should feed adult German Shepard?

An active german shepherd should eat 2 to 3 cups of food in a day or twice a day. 

 List of Best Food for German Shepherd Puppy.

#1 Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition 

Canin food is good for puppies whose ages are between 10 weeks to 16 months.
Royal Canin is the most popular and largest DG food manufactures. This breed contains each and everything a puppy need for his growth.  Royal Canin is specifically designed to avoid digestive issues in the puppy.  Calcium and phosphorus present in it are good for bones and joints.

#2 CHill’s Science Diet Large Breed

Hill’s Science Large Breed is a big pet animal American food manufacturing company that produces cats and dog foods.   Hill’s science breed is good for older than 12months puppy. Diet contains calcium, chondroitin and Natural glucosamine which support the healthy growth of bone and muscle.  There is no artificial color and flavors in food, food is 100% pure.

#3 Purina ONE SmartBlen Large Breed

Purina ONE SmartBlen is a famous American pet food maker company. Their product Purina one smart blend Breed is a dry product, which is specially designed for puppies. SmartBlen Large Breed contains pure chicken along with rice and glucosamine.  It is cheaper than other tops foods.


At no 4 our list of best foods for German Shepard Puppy is EUKANUBA. This puppy breed contains fish oil. Fish oil improves your puppy's brain, which makes them smarter and more trainable.

List of Best Dog Food for German Shepherd

1 Dry Kibble Food

The first food from our list of  Best Dog Food for German Shepherd is Dry kibble. Dry Kibble dog food is the most popular food for german shepherds. Dry kibble food is easy to store, doesn’t need refrigeration and long-lasting food. This food contains all types of nutrients that a german shepherd requires. Dry kibble food is available in many types of formulas and flavors. However Dry kibble food is not good for senior dogs.

NO 2 Wet Canned Dog Food 

Wet canned food is good for both (adults and puppies). This is good choice for newborn GSP. This food is easier to chew and contains 80% water, which is helpful for the digestion of nutrients. Wet canned dog food contains protein more than dry food, which helps newborn puppies to grow up strong.  Usually, dry food contains more grains.  

A dog needs minerals and vitamins to stay healthy all day. Wet Canned Food contains vegetables and meat, which are a good source of minerals and vitamins. Another advantage of this food is it can be stored longer than dry food.

No3 Orijen Adult Dog Food

Orijen adult dog good is the most popular German Shepherd food brand in the world, due to its high-quality ingredients. This food is manufactured in Canada and used each part of an animal.  Orijen food contains 85 % meat and 15% vegetables and fruits. This is the best combination for German Shepherd.  

Zinc present in Orijen food improves the immune system of the dog and also promotes the dog’s skin. It also contains protein which provides energy to your dog and maintains the fat level. Protein also builds repair and maintain the body’s structures.  The main disadvantage of this food is it's a little bit expensive because of rich ingredients contain in it.

No4 Royal Canin Breed

This is a well-known brand due to creating goals of exact dogs nourishing foods and health issues of dogs. This brand contains vitamin and antioxidants which support the immune system of dogs. Immune the system really upkeep the active lifestyle of your German Shepard.
Glucosamine and chondroitin present in royal canine breed make their bones strong.  Again the disadvantage of this food is highly-priced food.

No 5 Earthborn Holistic Great Plains 

Last food from our list  Best Dog Food for German Shepherd, If your GSDs have stomach or allergic issues. This food is best for him because it is free of gluten and chicken.   Earthborn Holistic contains fatty acids. Fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6, are good for the skin and heart of DGs. Earthborn Holistic contain egg and red meat. 

Egg and red meat are a good sources of protein. Again protein is important for the development of bones and muscles of your dog.  Besides this Holistic is a good source of vegetable, fruit-based fiber, and antioxidants. These elements help your DGs to fight against diseases and infections.

Thanks for reading the list of  Best Dog Food for German Shepherd and Best Food for German Shepherd Puppy. What you think which food is best or which is not best, please share your knowledge in the comment box. If you find any misktake please let me know.