Thursday, April 25, 2019

How Healthy is Watermelon? 14 Super Benefits of Watermelon

How Healthy is Watermelon
How Healthy is Watermelon

Watermelon is a super healthy fruit or vegetable for your body. This fruit is really important for your entire body. The best time to eat watermelon is summer when it comes in the market.  Watermelon contains nearly 92% water. Eat it daily and you will enjoy  its supper benefits that can improve your heart health, beneficial your eyes and make your defense system active.
 Read this article till the end and you will know all of its health benefits for your body.

 Helps Detox  the Body

Watermelon contains 92% water which can remove toxins from your body and prevents bloating.  It contains Two important minerals Magnesium and Potassium, which can help the detoxification process in your body.   Potassium is a really good regulator blood pressure mineral. Magnesium present in a watermelon prevents bloating which is involved in 600 cellular functions and makes it an important nutrient for your body.  It also reduces depression and improves your sleeping time.

 Weight Loss:

 1 cup of diced watermelon contains 46 calories. As above mentioned watermelon contains 92% water which makes it low calories diet. If you drink watermelon juice during your workout it helps you recover fast and it also help you to prevent muscle cramps.  In short, watermelon is really weight loss friendly food.

 Watermelon for Skin

Seeds  of  Watermelons are a really good source of Omega-3 oily acid which really good for your body’s skin.  If you eat watermelon seeds daily, it will help to improve your body's skin and it also protects your skin from looking discolored or dull.   In addition, watermelon seeds reduce the lines, blemishes, age spot and appearance of wrinkles. Regular use of watermelon seeds will help to boost your skin and most important if you use watermelon seed oil on the skin, it will prevent your skin pores from becoming blocked. 

 Potassium in Watermelon

 Watermelon is an excellent source of Potassium. This mineral helps to control your brain nerve function. By facilitating the passage of electrical messages and impulses.  If your body has a low amount of potassium, it can cause, numbness, tingling and lack of nerve function. Low amount of Potassium can cause nighttime leg cramps.  If you have all these issues or want to improve your nerve performance just eat a cup o watermelon which contains 170mg of potassium.

Improve Digestive System

Many of us don’t drink enough water during the day so that we are in a perpetual state of mild dehydration.  Perhaps you don’t notice it because, you don’t feel thirsty but you can suffer from several health issues like fatigue, uncomfortable constipation, and headaches. Water is really necessary for the digestive system to digest food and push them through your body.   Fiber is also indeed with this process. So watermelon contains both of these (Water and Fiber), to make it a perfect digestive treat.

 Watermelon Provides Healthy Fats

A good amount of Fat contains in seeds is the most important thing in watermelon. One cup of seeds (dried), contains 51g of fat. Other important facts are omega 6 acid, polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats.  The American Heart Association reported that omega 6 acid helpful to reduce your high blood pressure, while polyunsaturated fatty acid and mono fats really help to reduce your blood cholesterol.

 Watermelon for Hair

Watermelon seeds are a good source of Magnesium, iron, copper, and protein that are good for hair health.  Protein is a really important mineral for your hair. Magnesium is essential for hair to keep them strong and it also prevents breakage of hairs.  On the other hand copper mineral in seeds provides color to hairs and keeps them silky and smooth.

 Cancer Help

 Watermelon is very good  source of Vitamin C, which can help to fight against the development of free radicals that cause cancer.

 Reduction of Severity and Frequency of Asthma Attacks

 A new research shows an interesting relations b/w asthma and vitamin  C.
 This research show that low quantity of Vitamin C  in body can increase the chances of Asthma attacks while a high quantity of Vitamin C in the body can decrease the chances of asthma attacks.
   So what you should do if you have symptoms of Asthma?
You should eat more foods which are a basic source of Vitamin C, such as watermelon. As above mentioned watermelon is a rich source of Vitamin C.

 Watermelon Prevent Heat Stroke

Thousands of people fall victim to heatstroke In every summer, more than 2 Hundred people die by heatstroke in the USA annually.  Heat Stroke is a very severe condition that requires medical treatment. If you feel you ‘re feeling trouble in the heat, eat watermelon but if you have symptoms of heatstroke, it is advisable to ask for medical treatment immediately.

 Watermelon Really Good to Low Your Blood Pressure

As you know the  seeds of watermelons is a rich  source of Magnesium, Potassium, and amino acids, that are really beneficial for your heart health, and potassium also helps to regulate your blood pressure . Arginine and Omega 6 acids are also helpful to low your blood pressure.

   Good for Eyes Health

Watermelon also helps to create the colors in the retina of the eyes and it also keeps against age-related macular collapse.  It also the best weapon to stop night blindness. Vitamin A helps to maintain healthy teeth, skin, soft tissue and skeletal.

 Promotes Health Gums

Vitamin C presents in watermelon keeps your gums and capillaries healthy. Vitamin C kills the bacteria which cause the infection.

 Prevents Acne

Vitamin A reduces pore size and the quantity of the oil that sebaceous glands secrete. His properties are really helpful to prevent acne on the skin . 

 Some Side Effect of Watermelon

Eating this fruit too much may decrease your weight and muscle because it can lead to a lack of nutrients in your body. As mentioned above watermelons is a good source of Potassium. The high amount of potassium in the body can cause an unbalanced heartbeat.