Thursday, April 25, 2019

12 Foods You Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

12 Foods You Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

Foods You Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

Many of us who are hurried for time tend to make these dreadful breakfast Mistakes but eating the wrong food on an empty stomach can cause disorder on your system the entire day from pains,   bitterness,  swelling, and gas.  It’s not an appealing image just being a little careful about what you eat in the morning can help you feel better and be more productive all day. So, to avoid these the trouble here is a list of 12 Weird Foods you should never eat on an empty stomach so that you can be more sensitive in the future.

NO 1 Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are reaching the source of citric acid that the fruits contain harmfully lubricated which can cause stomachache and gastritis whenever you consumed alone take it mixed with water.

NO 2 Tomatoes

Tomatoes  are reach source of  tannic acid,  that artificial Leas,  have also, stimulate more acid making in the digestive tract which could harm tissues and lead to gastric disorders.

NO 3 Banana

 Number  3  Weird Food that should never eat on empty stomach is Banana. Although Banana is  rich source of  magnesium  but eating  bananas with empty stomach raises blood levels of the mineral, which could change cardiac health and performance.

NO 4 Medicines

 On number four in our list are medicines like aspirin, parasternal and other anti-inflammatory painkillers should not be taken with an empty stomach. It not only decreases its effect but also causes severe health problems. So it's better you take these types of medicines after taking some bites of good meals as it drops the risks of side-effects. But if you take these types of medicines with an empty stomach, it results in stomach bleeding.

NO 5 Tea and Coffee

Most of people like to take coffee or tea early in the morning but drinking tea or black coffee with an empty stomach can truly result in acid that will possibly result in heartburn and acid reflux.  So try TO add some cream or milk into your coffee or tea,  as the fat in the milk will help comfort your digestion drinking tea on an empty stomach, can overwhelm the discharge of stomach juices and decreases dreadful and acid in the stomach. It can also decrease your hunger.

NO 6  Raw Green Vegetables

Eating raw green vegetables can cause heartburn flatulence and abdominal pain. So it is advisable to avoid eating raw green vegetables on an empty stomach.

NO 7 Yogurts and Fermented Milk

Now on number seven   in our list  we have   yogurt and fermented milk products.  Yogurt and other cultivated or agitated dairy products provide a wealth of probiotics, however when consumed on an empty stomach the hydrochloric acid, content quickly abolishes the healthy bacteria which denies any advantage. So, avoid taking any type of milk product an empty stomach.

NO 8 Alcohol

Number nine we have alcohol, Alcohol is so dangerous for health but  if it’s  taken without eating anything the level of alcohol absorption in your body will increase and if this occurs, then the alcohol may put a severe influence on your liver, kidney and heart.
NO 9 Yeasty foods

 Bread pies and other food junks made with yeast, increase the body's natural.  Yeast content in richness high yeast levels leads to a variety of problems from oral at, gastric, infections to skin discharges.

NO 10 Bears the Fiber in Pairs

 Bears the fiber in combines can cause digestive upset and spoiled stomach tissues.

NO 11 Spices

Spicy foods eaten single-handedly are too severe on the digestive system. Spices cause the statement of gastric acid which more makes the risk of emerging gastric illnesses.

No 12 Sleep hunger and low Glucose

Going to sleep hunger and low glucose level stop us from falling asleep and waking up early and the lack of sleep will increases the hunger hormones in your body, sometime you may have this experiment by skipping your dinner. If you have not taken your dinner and going to sleep then you should take milk and honey, it will fulfill your inner need. This ingredient will give you a good refreshing sleep.