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Top 20 Benefits of Banana for Overall Health

Benefits of Banana for Overall Health
Top 20 Benefits of Banana for Overall Health

Bananas are the most popular and largely consumed fruit in the world.  It is the fruit of the banana tree.  It is really tasty and everyone can afford it because of its less costly fruits but it has great benefits for men and women’s health. Do you know banana has several health benefits including diabetes, skin, eyes, heart health, depression, weight loss and a lot of other benefits of eating a banana for women?

20  Benefits of Banana for Overall Health

1 Banana Benefits for skin

The first benefit of eating Banana is that it is good for their skin.  Banana contains manganese that is good for the skin. Manganese helps to produce collagen in your body which can protect your body’s skin.  A good size banana can deliver you nearly 15% manganese, which can help you to fulfill your daily needs.

2 Banana Improve Your Body Digestive Health

It is a great source of fiber minerals. Fiber has a good benefit for your digestive system.
A good size fiber has nearly 5 grams of fiber. Usually bananas contain 2 types of fiber
  • Resistant Starch: This is contained in unripe bananas.
  • Pectin: Which is decreases when banana ripe.

3 Heart Health

High fiber fruits and vegetables are really beneficial for heart health.  According to research published by the University of Leeds (UK), rich fiber fruit like bananas can decrease the danger of heart diseases such as coronary and cardiovascular diseases.

 4 Banana Benefits for weight loss

Several studies show that Eating banana can help you to lose your weight because it has numerous characteristics that make it weight loss friendly food because it has low calories. A good size banana has only 100 calories. Eating fiber from fruits like the banana can reduce weight loss. So chubby men and women should include banana in their daily routine, which can help them to reduce weight.

5 Anti-Depressant

 Banana has folate. It is really helpful to fight against sadness and assist in the release of serotonin that makes you happy.  It also contains a tryptophan that is a precursor of serotonin and helps to relieve you from aggression, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, and irritability.

6 High source of Potassium

  Another amazing  Benefit of Banana for Overall Health is that it is a really good source of Potassium.  Mostly banana is famous for its quality of potassium present in Banana.  The average size of banana has 422mg according to the USA agriculture department. Potassium mineral has several benefits for your body such as controlling blood pressure, regulating heartbeat and keeping your brain alert because potassium helps oxygen to regulate in the body. So eat a banana daily to keeps your brain and heart health, and maintaining blood pressure.

No 7 Improve Vision

Banana contains 2 very important Vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Both of these two vitamins are good for eyes and skin.

8 Make your  Muscle Strong  

Banana has high magnesium which helps in the reduction and relaxation of muscles, and it also helps to increase the thin muscle mass.  After workout eating banana which has High potassium mineral is really beneficial to recover your muscles. It also gives strength to your muscle in development. Eating banana is really beneficial for men’s muscle.

9 Help to fight Anemia

Bananas have higher iron content that is good for Anemia patients.  In Anemia, the red blood cells decrease or hemoglobin in the blood.   Anemia can cause breathing problems, paleness, and fatigue.

9 Blood Pressures

Salt is really dangerous for high  BP  patients but Banana has low salt and high potassium content, which are important to control your blood levels.  So the banana is really helpful to control your blood pressure.

10 Powerhouse of Nutrient

It has important minerals and vitamins like magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, potassium, folate, riboflavin, niacin and Vitamin B6.  These minerals and Vitamins are really good for body function and they keep you healthy.

11 Better Sleep

Vitamin B6 Present in a banana can help to improve your help. Well, mode means better sleep which is good for your bones.

No 12 Antioxidants

Fruits and Vegetable are the really good source of Antioxidants, and Banana contain many types of potent antioxidants like catechins and dopamine.  These Antioxidants have several health benefits like degenerative diseases and decrease the danger of heart attack.

13 Blood Sugar Levels

 Bananas are the rich source of pectin, an important fiber type that gives the flesh its soft basic form.
Pectin moderate your blood sugar levels after eating your meals and it also decreases hunger by slowing the emptying stomach.

14 Kidney Health
Potassium mineral is really important for kidney health and blood pressure. A good source of potassium is really beneficial for healthy kidneys.1 A thirteen-year study in women shows that the women who ate bananas two to three times per week have 33%   low chances of kidney diseases.
And Another study shows women who ate bananas four to six times per week have a 50%   low chance of kidney diseases.

15 Good source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is really important for your body which has the following benefits.
  • Vitamin C defends the body against tissue and cell damages.
  • It helps your body to absorb iron better in your body.
  • It produces collagen which is important for your bones, skin, and body.
  • It is really beneficial for your brain.
A medium-sized banana will provide you nearly 10% of your daily vitamin c needs.

16 Low risk of Cancer

Last "Benefit of Banana for Overall Health" is it reduces the risk of cancer. Eating  Banana and Oranges, and orange juice in the first 2 years of childhood can really help you to fight against the growth of leukemia in childhood because it has vitamin  C and Fiber which decrease the danger of cancer.

Some danger of eating Bananas

No doubt banana has really great benefits but Eating lots of bananas can increase the high level of potassium in your body which can be dangerous for those whose kidneys are not properly working.  Who eat bananas too much have experience symptoms in their mouth and throat like swelling, hives, itching and wheezing.
People who have migraine headaches are advised, they should not eat a banana but they can take half of the banana daily.
As mentioned above bananas are a rich source of fiber. Too much quantity of Fiber can because of gas, stomach cramps and bloating.

Those were Top 20 Benefits of Banana for Overall Health. I hope you enjoyed these amazing benefits of banana.