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15 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil You Don't Know

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil also is known as Melaleuca oil and it comes from the Australian Plant.  This tree has several special properties that make it Antifungal, Antiviral and Antibacterial. All of these properties make your hair healthy and clean. Its oil is used for many purposes like Healing Wounds, controlling dandruff,  and  Killing Lice in hair. This oil is excellent for hair because it increases the blood circulation in hair.
 You can find it in several different products like Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Massage Oil.

1 Tea Tree Oil for Hair  Dandruff.

First Benefits of Tea Tree Oil in our list is it is good for dandruff.There are many possible reasons for dandruff-like :
·       Poor Cleanliness of skin.
·       Dry or  Oily skin.
·       Annoyed Skin.
·       Dry  Hair.
·       Skin  Fungus.
·       Dermatitis.

Tea Tree has special properties that make it antifungal and moisturizing that means it is very good against dandruff. Tea Tree decrease itchiness, lesions, and greasiness that are associated with dandruff.
Here are some ways you can use tea tree oil to treats dandruff.
Whenever you purchase a shampoo, make sure it contains  5% tea tree oil.
 In a 2nd way you can add 6 to 12 drops of tree oil in a shampoo bottle and shake it well. After that massage, this mixture slowly into the scalp and wash it carefully.
You can also make your own shampoo of tea tree oil at home. For this, you need the following ingredients.
·        Olive oil.
·        Tea tree oil.
·        Baking Soda.
·        Coconut Malik.
·        Vitamin E.
·          Filtered water.

Quantity of every Ingredients :
·        Half table teaspoon of olive oil.
·        15 The drop of tree oil.
·        2/3 cup of baking soda.
·        1/8 cup coconut Malik.
·        1/8 table teaspoon of Vitamin E.
·        A ¼  cup of Filtered water.

How to make it :
Mix all things into a jar and shake them well, so they mix well.

How to use it.
Each time you want to take a bath, use 1 or 2 teaspoons of this shampoo every time.  Make sure, you shake it well before each time you use.  This shampoo will last up to 1month.  

 2 Tea Tree Oil for ECZEMA

Its oil is good for eczema skin. Oil has an antioxidant property that can heal your skin damage. For this recipe take one tablespoon of coconut, 12 lavender oil’s drops and  12 drops of tea tree oil in a clean glass jar. Shake them well and massage on your dry and dandruff body.

3 Tea Tree Oil for Warts

Tea tree oil has  Terpinen-4, a strong antimicrobial. That stop Worrall growth by drying off it. For this
Drop tea tree oil on the wart, and cover it with a bandage.  Leave it overnight and then remove it in the morning to clean it. Few days repeat it.

4 It treats Congestion and Sinus

Its oil can kill bad bacteria which cause of  Sinus Infection, Congestion, and Colds.
To use  it
Take 6  tea tree oil’s drops and mixed it with almond oil.  Massage it on your chest.

5 Tea Tree Oil for Spots

Its oil is great to clean black spot on face skin.  
How to Use Tea Tree Oil For Acne Spot Treatment.
To clean the black spot on the skin. First, wash your face with warm water, 1 take tea tree oil’s drop  1 and a small amount of oil-free cleaner into your hand.  Massage on your face.

6 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Acne

For acne treatment mix 5 drops of tea tree oil with 30 of water. Use clean cotton to use this combination on acne.  Apply this twice a day for better result.

7 Beard Hairs

Tea Tree oil work as a moisturizer for controlling oil in your bread. It makes your bread clean from pollution and dust.  It also makes your bread hear soft and shiny.

8 Tea Tree Oil  for Fungus 

  The fungus may cause several health issues in your home but with the use of it. You can prevent it from killing fungus naturally with tea tree oil. For making fungus spray, you need the following things.

·        An Empty Spray Bottle.
·        2 cups of water.
·        2 tablespoons of tea tree oil.

How to make  and use it:

Shake this mixture well and spray that mixture on fungus-infected areas. After few minutes wipe off it. You can use this mixture on the washing machine, toilet and shower.

NO 9 Tea Tree Oil  for Wound

This is another amazing benefits of tea tree oil and personally, I used It for wounds.
 Tea Tree Oil is a good source of antiseptic properties which prevent your wounds from infections. A study shows that tea tree oil really helps to actuate white blood cells in your that speeds up the healing process after wound.

How to use it for wounds: first you need the following things.
·        3 drops of oil.
·        21  tablespoon of a therapeutic team Anna oil. 

Mix them and use it on your wound and cover your wound with cloth’s piece. Use it twice a day.

10 Removing Ticks on Animals and Humans

Tea tree oil can be used to removing ticks on animals and human in natural and safe ways.
In order to make it. You need the following things:

·        2 drops of almond oil.
·        3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil.

Mix them and applied on thick.

11 Good for Bug Bites

If you’re a victim of bug-bitten then tries to use tea tree oil with coconut oil. For this mix 2 to 3 tea tree oil’s drop with coconut oil. Mix them and rub it onto the bug bite.

12 Tea Tree 0il  for Nail Fungus

As above mentioned this oil has special antiseptic properties. This special property can be used for nail fungus treatment. For this apply 5 drops of oil to neat cotton and them rub it on your affected nail.   

13 Good for Athlete’s foot

Research shows that this oil is a good alternative of commercial antifungal for athlete’s foot.
To make this message you need:

·        6 drops of almond oil.
·        5 drops of tea tree oil.

Mix them and apply it on cotton. Massage it on the affected area and wear a clean
sock.  Use it 2 times per day but make sure always change your socks after this procedure.

14 It is good for Skin Cancer

Personally, I think it is a supper benefit of tea tree oil. This oil is great for some skin cancer and it is really low-cost, effective and fast for cancer treatment. According to research, this natural mixture was pretended to shrink non-melanoma skin cancers in rats in just one day and wiped them out within 3 days. Another research that was published in 2012 also showed that when tea tree oil was used as aromatherapy it helped decrease anxiety depression and improved sleep quality of cancer patients.

15 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Hair
Last benefits of tea tree oil we are mentioning is it is good for hair. It can help hair growth. Taegu oil helps to unblock hair glands and provides nourishment to the origins of hairs. You can add 10 drops of tea tree oil to a TSP of carrier oil like coconut oil and massage the oil into the scalp and wrap a towel around head. Wash it after 1 hour. Repeat it 3 times in a week.

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Is Pineapple Juice Good for You ? 16 Benefits of Pineapple Juice

Is Pineapple Juice Good for You? 16 Benefits of Pineapple Juice

Often Pineapple Juice lover search this term is Pineapple juice good for them?.
So in this article, we are going to talk about the super benefits of Pineapple juice.   Pineapple is the 2nd most love fruit in the world. Pineapple juice is really tasty. It has plentiful nutrients that are really good for your entire health.  Here are the 16 most important benefits of pineapple Juice that make it a healthy fruit.  

16 Benefits of Drinking Pineapple Juice are the following:

1 Pineapple Boosts your Metabolism

Pineapples contain Vitamin B that have several metabolic function in the body, that is really helpful for the creation of enzymes, a neurotransmitter functions and red blood cells.

2 Boost Energy

 It has Vitamin B1and Vitamin C that boosts your Metabolism system.  Drinking pineapple juice in morning boost your energy, and this will provide you the necessary nutrients that your body indeed for all day.

3 Digestive System

A most important benefit of it is that it improves Digestive System. The high amount of proteins cause of digestive troubles in your body because proteins are hard to digest in your body but Bromelain contains in Pineapple juice helps to break down of proteins.   

4 Pineapple Juice for Weight Loss

 Pineapple juice is good to reduce your weight and it also part of other detox diets.  Bromelain mineral helps to metabolize protein and burn your chubby fat in the abdominal area.  This is the reason pineapple juice is weight loss friendly juice. To reduce your Weight quickly follow the link. Best Weight Loss Product.

 5 IT Relieves Joints Pain

It relieves you from joint pains and Muscle cramps.  These qualities, this juice is good for the injured person. Anti-inflammatory the element of its fights against swelling that occurs in the joints and is also a symptom of arthritis.

6 Pineapple improve your Kidney Health

Its juice is a natural Diuretic, which improves your kidney health because Pineapple juice removes the toxins from the body and make kidney healthy. Ultimately this will increase Urination.   

7 Good for Cardiovascular Health

Are you a victim of heart disease and high cholesterol? by eating a poor diet.  Drink the Pineapple juice because it is a good source of minerals, vitamin, and fiber, which keeps your heart’s function proper.

8 Pineapple Juice Benefits for Skin

Pineapple is a rich source of Potassium and vitamin C, these element fight against damaging to free your skin from radicals. Radicals cause skin aging, which helps in the development of wrinkles, lines and dark spots on your skin. Drinking pineapple juice help to slow down the aging process in your skin and make your skin fresh and beautiful. In addition, Vitamin C also has an antibacterial element which is effectively stopping acne breakouts.

9 Pineapple juice improves Blood Circulation in your body

Pineapple has potassium mineral which prevents your blood from clotting and improves your blood circulation.  This juice also gives you a good amount of copper a mineral which helps to produce red blood cells in the body, also for red blood cells you need sufficient supply of oxygen.  This also increases cognitive function and maintains your neural paths,  which stop mental illness line, Alzheimer.

10 Eyes Care

As mentioned pineapple contains vitamin C, which prevents Cataract.  If you drink pineapple juice daily.
It can protect your vision from several vision-related problems.

11 Strengthens Bones

Pineapple juice is very  helpful to make your bones strong  which because it has
Manganese mineral, which ensures strong tissues and bones. One glass of pineapple juice 
 Contains 73% manganese  which fulfills your daily need . So drinking pineapple juice for strong bones is good for both (Children and adults). 

12 Control Cholesterol Level

One glass of cold pineapple juice can reduce high levels of cholesterol. Naturally; This juice has
Property to reduce extra cholesterol in your body.  Many studies show that if you drink pineapple juice regularly. It will control the level of blood pressure and control the elements that promote it.

13 Pineapple Juice Benefits for Cough  and Cold

Bromelain present in pineapple comforts the frustration and swelling in the voice box and at the back of the tongue. This is also good for the painful throat.  Pineapple juice reduces the phlegm and mucus in breathing area that causes cough and difficulty taking in a breath.  Vitamin C protects you from an infection like cold and flu.

14 Reduces Risk of Cancer

According to research, bromelain and  antioxidants fight against tumorous cells and free radicals.
The bromelain enzyme has  the property to block tumorous growing  cells.  Furthermore, it has protection booster  that prevents cancer development.

15 It Prevent Anemia

Pineapple is a truly God gifted fruit. Deficiency of iron can cause the Anemia when red blood cells stop the development but this fruit is a good source of iron. Either you eat it in raw form or drink its juice.  This will contributes to the development of red blood cells.

16  Increase Fertility

A most important property of this fruit is, it is  containing minerals like Copper, folate, Zinc and Vitamin C. This element will increase fertility in both genders (Men and women). Furthermore, the antioxidant property will kill free radicals in the body .

Some  Side Effect of Pineapple

When you used it in balance amount, this would impact on your overall health.
But too much use of pineapple can cause the following side effect:

Allergic Reactions:

Stomach issues, tongue, taking difficulties in the breath, sore tissues of the gum and lips  allergic reaction cause by Pineapple juice.

Stomach Issues :

When you excess the consumed of juice then the active enzyme can cause nausea, diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.

Bleeding Disorders

As mentioned above Pineapple is a good source of potassium in pineapple which can thin your blood.  That is not good for all those people who have bleeding problems or are undergoing surgery in the near future.

Oral Health

Drinking too much pineapple juice can hurt your self-lubricating skins in mouth and it  can slow down production of mucus.
To avoid these side effects drink the water, after drinking its juice, brush your teeth.

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How Healthy is Watermelon? 14 Super Benefits of Watermelon

How Healthy is Watermelon?  14 Super Benefits of Watermelon

Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is a super healthy fruit or vegetable for your body. This fruit is really important for your entire body. Best time to eat watermelon is summer when it comes in the market.  Watermelon contains nearly 92% water. Eat it daily and you will enjoy  its supper benefits which can improve your heart health, beneficial your eyes and make your defense system active.
 Read this article till the end and you will know all of its health benefits for your body.

No1 Helps Detox  the Body

Watermelon contains 92% water which can remove toxins from your body and prevents bloating.  It contains Two important minerals Magnesium and Potassium, which can help the detoxification process in your body.   Potassium is a really good regulator blood pressure mineral. Magnesium present in a watermelon prevents bloating which is involved in 600 cellular functions and make it an important nutrient for your body.  It also reduces depression and improves your sleeping time.

No 2 Watermelon Benefits Weight Loss:

 1 cup of diced watermelon contains 46 calories. As above mentioned watermelon contains 92% water which makes it low calories diet. If you drink watermelon juice during your workout it helps you recover fast and it also you help you to prevent muscle cramps.  In short, watermelon is really weight loss friendly food. If you want to lose your Weight Quickly here you can use it. Best Weight Loss Product.  

3 Watermelon for Skin

Seeds  of  Watermelons are a really good source of Omega-3 oily acid which really good for your body’s skin.  If you eat watermelon seeds daily, it will help to improve your body skin and it also protects your skin from looking discolored or dull.   In addition, watermelon seeds reduce the lines, blemishes, age spot and appearance of wrinkles. Regular use of watermelon seeds will help to boost your skin and most important if you use watermelon seed oil on the skin, it will prevent your skin pores from becoming blocked. 

No 4 Potassium in Watermelon

 Watermelon is an excellent source of Potassium. This mineral helps to control your brain nerve function
By facilitating the passage of electrical messages and impulses.  If your body has a low amount of potassium, it can cause, numbness, tingling and lack of nerve function. Low amount of Potassium can cause night time leg cramps.  If you have all these issues or want to improve your nerve performance just eat a cup o watermelon which contains 170mg of potassium.

5 Improve Digestive System

Many of us don’t drink enough water during the day so that we are in a perpetual state of mild dehydration.  Perhaps you don’t notice it because, you don’t feel thirsty but you can suffer from several health issues like fatigue, uncomfortable constipation, and headaches. Water is really necessary for the digestive system to digest food and push them through your body.   Fiber is also indeed with this process. So watermelon contains both of these (Water and Fiber), to make it perfect digestive treat.

No 6 Watermelon Provides Healthy Fats

A good amount of Fat contains in seeds is the most important thing in watermelon. One cup of seeds (dried), contains 51g of fat. Other important facts are omega 6 acid, polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats.  The American Heart Association reported that omega 6 acid helpful to reduce your high blood pressure, while polyunsaturated fatty acid and mono fats really help to reduce your blood cholesterol.

7 Watermelon for Hair

Watermelon seeds are a good source of Magnesium, iron, copper, and protein that are good for hair health.  Protein is a really important mineral for your hair. Magnesium is essential for hair to keep them strong and it also prevents breakage of hairs.  On the other hand copper mineral in seeds provides color to hairs and keep them silky and smooth.

8 Cancer Help

 Watermelon is very good  source of Vitamin C, which can help to fight against the development of free radical that cause cancer.

9 Reduction of Severity and Frequency of Asthma Attacks

 A new research shows an interesting relations b/w asthma and vitamin  C.
 This research show that low quantity of Vitamin C  in body can increase the chances of Asthma attacks while a high quantity of Vitamin C in the body can decrease the chances of asthma attacks.
   So what you should do if you have symptoms of Asthma?
You should eat more foods which are basis source of Vitamin C, such as watermelon. As above mentioned watermelon is a rich source of Vitamin C.

No 10 Watermelon Prevent Heat Stroke

Thousands of people fall victim to heat  stroke In every summer, more than 2Hundred people die by heat stroke in the USA annually.  Heat Stroke is a very severe condition that requires medical treatment. If you feel you ‘re feeling trouble in the heat, eat watermelon but if you have symptoms of heat stroke, it is advisable to ask for medical treatment immediately.

11 WatermelonReally Good to Low Your Blood Pressure

As you know the  seeds of watermelons is a rich  source of Magnesium, Potassium, and amino acids, that are really beneficial for your heart health, and potassium also helps to regulate your blood pressure . Arginine and Omega 6 acids are also helpful to low your blood pressure.

  12 Good for Eyes Health

Watermelon also helps to create the colors in the retina of the eyes and it also keeps against age-related macular collapse.  It also the best weapon to stop night blindness. Vitamin A helps to maintain healthy teeth, skin, soft tissue and skeletal.

13 Promotes Health Gums

Vitamin C presents in watermelon keeps your gums and capillaries healthy. Vitamin C kills the bacteria which cause the infection.

14 Prevents Acne

Vitamin A reduces pore size and the quantity of the oil that sebaceous glands secrete. His properties are really helpful to prevent acne on the skin . 

Now I want to mention some side effect of Watermelon
Eating this fruit too much may decrease your weight and muscle because it can lead lacks of nutrients in your body. As mentioned above watermelons is a good source of Potassium. The high amount of potassium in the body can cause an unbalanced heartbeat.

12 Foods You Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

12 Foods You Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

Foods You Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

Many of us who are hurried for time tend to make these dreadful breakfast Mistakes but eating the wrong food on an empty stomach can cause disorder on your system the entire day from pains,   bitterness,  swelling, and gas.  It’s not an appealing image just being a little careful about what you eat in the morning can help you feel better and be more productive all day. So, to avoid these the trouble here is a list of 12 Weird Foods you should never eat on an empty stomach so that you can be more sensitive in the future.

NO 1 Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are reaching the source of citric acid that the fruits contain can harm lubricated tissues cause stomachache and gastritis when consumed alone take it mixed with water.

NO 2 Tomatoes

Tomatoes  are reach source of  tannic acid,  that artificial Leas,  have also, stimulate more acid making in the digestive tract which could harm tissues and lead to gastric disorders.

NO 3 Banana

On number  3 in our 12 Weird Food list  which should never eat on empty stomach is Banana. Although Banana is  rich source of  magnesium  but eating  bananas with empty stomach raises blood levels of the mineral, which could change cardiac health and performance.

NO 4 Medicines

 On number four in our list are medicines like aspirin, parasternal and other anti-inflammatory painkillers should not be taken with an empty stomach. It not only decreases its effect but also causes severe health problems. So it's better you take these types of medicines after taking some bites of good meals as it drops the risks of side-effects. But if you take these types of medicines with an empty stomach, result in stomach bleeding.

NO 5 Tea and Coffee

Most of the people like to take coffee or tea early in the morning but drinking tea or black coffee with an empty stomach can truly result in acid that will possibly result in heartburn and acid reflux.  So try TO add some cream or milk into your coffee or tea,  as the fat in the milk will help comfort your digestion drinking tea on an empty stomach, can overwhelm the discharge of stomach juices and decreases dreadful and acid in the stomach. It can also decrease your hunger.

NO 6  Raw Green Vegetables

Eating raw green vegetables can cause heartburn flatulence and abdominal pain. So it is advisable to avoid eating raw green vegetables on an empty stomach.

NO 7 Yogurts and Fermented Milk

Now on number seven   in our list  we have   yogurt and fermented milk products.  Yogurt and other cultivated or agitated dairy products provide a wealth of probiotics, however when consumed on an empty stomach the hydrochloric acid, content quickly abolishes the healthy bacteria which denies any advantage. So, avoid taking any type of milk products an empty stomach.

NO 8 Alcohol

Number nine we have alcohol, Alcohol is so dangerous for health but  if it’s  taken without eating anything the level of alcohol absorption in your body will increase and if this occurs, then the alcohol may put a severe influence on your liver, kidney and heart.

NO 9 Yeasty foods

 Bread pies and other food junks made with yeast, increase the body's natural.  Yeast content in richness high yeast levels leads to a variety of problems from oral at, gastric, infections to skin discharges.

NO 10 Bears the Fiber in Pairs

Number  seven bears the fiber in combines can cause digestive upset and spoiled stomach tissues.

NO 11 Spices

Spicy foods eaten single-handedly are too severe on the digestive system. Spices cause the statement of gastric acid which more makes the risk of emerging gastric illnesses.

No 12 Sleep hunger and low Glucose

Going to sleep hunger and low glucose level stop us from falling asleep and waking up early and the lack of sleep will increases the hunger hormones in your body, sometime you may have this experiment by skipping your dinner. If you have not taken your dinner and going to sleep then you should take milk and honey, it will fulfill your inner need. This ingredient will give you a good refreshing sleep.

How Healthy are Almonds? 11 Benefits of Eating Almonds

How Healthy are Almonds?  11 Super  Benefits of Eating Almonds.

 Benefits of Eating Almonds

In this article, I’m talking about 12 Benefits of Eating Almonds Daily Soaked in Water in the Morning.

Almond is a very useful nut, it is a rich source of minerals and vitamins, such as Calcium, vitamin E, zinc, omega three acids, and magnesium. It can be used on puddings and cakes, and other sweet foods stuff. Eating almonds regularly, you can boost the health benefits. The upper skin of almond has an inhibitor for enzymes, which guards the inner part of almond form germination damps.
Soaking reliefs this inhibitor and in the taking of soaked almonds, deliver many nutrients and it increases the digestion system of your body.
How Healthy are Almonds? 12 Super  Benefits of Eating Almonds.

1 Heart Health.

Almonds are a rich source of potassium, monounsaturated fats, and protein which can improve heart health and treat infection in the arteries. Magnesium element in almond prevent you from the danger of heat stroke or heart attack and also vitamin A in almond treats several heart issues.

2 Regulating Pressure

It is a good source of potassium. This mineral controls the blood pressure in your body.

3 Boost Energy Levels

Eating 20 almonds every day can increase the metabolic rate in your body because almonds are a good source of copper, manganese, and riboflavin. These elements are essential to increase the metabolic rate in your body.

4 Healthier Gut Bacteria

5 Almonds a day Healthier Gut Bacteria, the skin of almond has probiotics.
Probiotics are necessary for the good bacteria to grow in intestines and make our digestion system easier and healthier.
If you have the following symptoms in your body.
  • Bad Mouth Odor
  • Gastric trouble  
  • stomach issue.
You must eat 30 to 40 almonds daily.

5 Almonds good for Weight Loss

Almonds really help you to stay slim. According to some specialists, almonds are a good source of fiber and protein and have low carbohydrates. Eating almonds can make you feel good for a long time. This can reduce overall calorie consumption in your body and make you slim. So take a few almonds daily in the morning. If you want to lose your Weight Quickly here you can use it. Best Weight Loss Product.  

6 Almond Benefits for Skin

Almonds have the antidote to the aging process. It’s also are rich in manganese, which helps in the creation of collagen. This protein inorganic is responsible for caring for our skin flexible. If you want better and fresh skin, and look younger, eat almonds regularly.

7 Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Almond is a good source of vitamin E and Calcium, both these elements control the level of ch6olesterol in your body. A research study that is published in the journal of the American Diabetic Association, people who have cholesterol issues, were asked to eat almonds on a daily basis and their resulting health was examined. By this research, it was found that almonds increase the vitamin E levels in plasma cells and red cells, which decreased cholesterol level in patients.

8 Almond Benefits for Brain

It contains Riboflavin L-Carnitine. This element in almond increases the performance of the function in the brain and decrease the danger of Alzheimer. It’s also a full source of Fatty acids and Tocopherol, which can improve your brain’s memory

9 Almond Benefits for Hair

On number 9 we have Almond Benefits for Hair. Almonds are an excellent source of Vitamin B and Vitamin E, which give strength to your hairs. Zinc and Magnesium are really helpful for the growth of your hair.

10 Teeth Trouble
If you are worried about your teeth related issues or suffering any teeth trouble, make sure to include almonds in your daily life because it has phosphorus minerals, which is really helpful to make your bones and teeth stronger.

11 Healthy Bones

Almonds contain minerals like phosphorus which strengthens the bones of your body and it also stops osteoporosis.

Summary :
Almonds are really beneficial for your entire health. Eating almonds regularly you can get healthy and shining hairs and beautiful and fresh skin. Before going to sleep, just put 5 almonds in a glass of water and make sure almonds are well submerged in water. In the morning drink that water and eat the almonds to enjoy its great benefits.
You can also include almonds in your favorite foods for getting its really wonderful benefits.