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Best Serums for Oily Skin and Acne-Prone Skin! Dark Spots

Today we're going to be talking about best serums for oily skin and Dark spots, a complete game-changer when it came to changing my skin like literally change my skin forever. I remember it was such a big part of the evening out my skin tone and help with hyperpigmentation and nowadays that kind of just general healthier-looking skin. As always something I'd recommend to someone. If they wanted to up their skincare routine game a little bit.

 I'm like just adding a serum and they're great because you always get one that's targeted to a very specific need for. However, your skin is feeling that week or that month or even that day. They're super easy to use you just either apply them to your hand or via the dropper onto your skin after an essence before a moisturizer. Let's start off.

Best Serums for Oily Skin 

Best Serums for Oily Skin
Best Serums for Oily Skin 

The Body Shops Tea Tree

 Our first best serums for oily skin is the body shop tea tree. There is a very lightweight serum that helps control oiliness. I know the quartz solution but it's pretty much a serum that helps reduce the appearance of blemishes. It helps with breakouts obviously due to the tea tree in there. You can help with active breakouts. It's gentle enough to use on active breakouts and generally just purify the skin

Some people can react really badly to the tea tree. So this might not be for everyone but for me, this was better than using pure tea tree oil and having to dilute it. Every time I used it this was way more convenient and in my opinion a lot more effective as well and I think that's because it contains salicylic acid as well which we all know can help with those really annoying like superficial blemishes but also things that can clog our pores and lead to black hairs and spots all that kind of stuff. 

This is really good for like teenagers who are breaking out as well just because you can use it daily with minimal to no effort whatsoever I really like it. I've been using it for probably like nine years and I'm absolutely fine but not everyone's the same but I know a lot of people who love this.

Hydraboost Multivitamin Booster Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I love the entire hydro boost line. I think it's Best Serums for Oily Skin and I know friends who have more normal skin and they love it as well. This is the vitamin booster that comes in a really beautiful tube. I just love like the bubbles in there. This also contains a niacinamide which is good for enlarged pores.  This is why I definitely recommend this one for oily skin. It also has that same light texture and then the vitamins are going to give your skin a little bit of a boost as well and then I have been using this one for a little bit longer.

Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydrating Serum

Another one that is the Innis free green tea seed serum. This is a moisturizing and nourishing serum. Organic green tea and green tea seeds obviously as the name suggests really fancy and it feels super fancy. There's also green tea oil in there to help strengthen your skins moisture barrier to keep your skin moisture locked for longer. It is nourishing and moisturizing but does not let that put you off. If your skin is oily “I also have oily skin” I love this in the winter.

I use this just as a normal serum along with my usual moisturizers etc. In the summer I'll use this as a essence and kind of like my moisturizer as well. I will layer it up a couple times and follow up with sunscreen because it really does feel nice and light but it's enough moisture on your skin. But the thing is with alcohol is if it's in a moisturizing product you don't really need to worry.

 When it comes to alcohol. You need to look at their whole formulation and a whole rather than just single ingredients. I think a lot of people nowadays like to pick out what ingredients and think that's going to ruin my skin but when it's in like a moisturizing product. It's really there just kind of help the product absorb into your skin. Don't worry too much about that.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

 Next up another one that you Pro sticks definitely read about but this is the Ordinaries hyaluronic acid 2% + b5. I'm calling this a serum because I kind of believe it is. They don't say it is but I definitely use it in the serum stage but of course, this had to be on my list. I've been using it pretty much non-stop for about a year. We all know hyaluronic acid can hold a thousand times its own weight in water which means it's great for adding a plumpness to the skin and like this moisture to the skin but it doesn't provide that moisture. 

This formulation, in particular, has different-sized molecules of hierarch acid. It's able to penetrate, it's able to penetrate through the skin it deeper than you also got some cross polymer. Basically, to cut a long story short this isn't gonna withdraw hydration moisture water from your skin so that's good. Once I apply this spray mineral water over my skin and Pat in gently wherever that does anything or not I don't know but I do always feel I can see good plumpness in my skin. I've seen a few dermatologists as well so I feel super fancy doing it you know but yeah I've been using it for a year. I love it and I love the temporary putnis that this gives your skin.

Skin Power 10 GF Serum

This is another best Serums for Oily Skin which I love using as an oily person because it means I can kind of like cut back on the moisturizer a little bit. I still use it but I don't have to use as much. My all skin lighter layers is a cream product by actually got from ASOS and I believe if you're in the UK. They sell it on boots now as well but this contains maitake mushroom.

 I believe it is which provides really good moisture not only to the top and bottom layers of your skin your dermis and epidermis but Gerry just gives your skin an amazing looking plumpness like am a water-filled sponge. You know you feel really kind of like nice and hydrated something that before I discover the hyaluronic acid from the ordinary. So that we really helped with my dehydrated skin which and guaranteed to get every winter also Lush.

Grease Lightning 

Cosmetics greased lightening. Now, this isn't a serum they advertise this as a direct spot treatment but look at the ingredients tea tree aloe witch hazel. You should not be allergic to nice witch hazel but it's basically a more natural version of this one does have lavender oil win. It can be a little bit sensitizing to some of you. It’s amazing again for people who break out all the time use it as a daily serum. It controls your oils as well and it's just nice to smother all over your face. I absolutely love this when I was in university I was eating and drinking like crap and I was breaking out everywhere. This really has helped keep my skin a healthy level.

Drunk elephant

Everybody talks about the drunk elephants. I myself was hesitant because of the very high price tag but I have been incredibly impressed and it's a brand that I've really kind of fallen in love with. This I think is their number one bestseller. It has 15% l-ascorbic acid and has vitamin C in there and both of these products are formulated without phthalates sulfates good for sensitive skin and recommended for all skin types no matter your skin type. This one is a great for uneven skin tone dullness.

 If you have any kind of marks on your skin adding vitamin C into your skincare routine is really important and it's nice to get in that get it in that serum format because it is going to kind of go a little bit deeper into the skin. It’s a really light texture it's orangie but translucent when it comes out on your hands. Don't be scared of that and I find it absorbs into the skin really nicely when you are using a product like this and anyways it is always really important to lean on an SPF but especially when you're wearing something like this where your SPF and then in the night time.

Best Serums for Dark spots

Best Serums for Dark spots
Best Serums for Dark spots

COSRX Mela 14 White Ampule

 Now I want to mention some Best Serums for Dark Spots.  Number one serum for the dark spot that always makes an appearance is the cause RX mela 14 white and pool current favorite of mine. This actually contains a and BHA to help improve the overall complexion of your skin. Obviously evening out your skin tone but I use this mainly for pigmentation. When I've had a spot and it leaves a dark mark and this is what I use to get rid of that it's really on the last bits it drops. This can also actually be used just as a direct spot treatment.

Just pop a little bit on your spot when you're breaking out and it really helps. I find it also helps reduce the amount that it's going to scar. If you scar easily from spots but I just use it everywhere all over my face overnight. I always get a lot of questions about the name, it contains the word white but it does not whiten your skin. I wouldn't use a product that changed the color of my skin legally.

 You cannot buy products that change the color of your skin because it's dangerous nothing can do that but usually when it comes to Korean skincare whitening means it lightens dark patches of your skin reduces redness and gives you an overall more even complexion. A good one if you do have a lot of hyperpigmentation problems.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum

 Next up we have the dear Claire's freshly juiced vitamin C drops. One product, in general, I get asked about all the time is vitamin C serums. I have a real love-hate relationship with them because I used to hate using them. I used to avoid them all costs. I would hate the gritty texture the metallic smell the stinging that always gave my skin but I heard amazing things about them. I really wanted to like them and I wanted the amazing results that they supposedly give you by hated using them until this one came along a low percentage.

Yet a very effective vitamin C serum. This only contains 5% vitamin C but that does mean you can use it daily. So if you're using it daily you get that daily glow and because you can use this daily instead of like two to three times a week. I perceive sore results a lot quicker then I would do a higher percentage. Obviously, I use for dark spots overall health of my skin and  I use this in the evening. You can, of course, use it in the morning but we all know you have to use a sunscreen few honorable mentions really quick.

I hope you found this "Best Serums for Oily Skin and  Best Serums for  Dark Spots" helpful. Please share it with your friends.

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What to Eat for Clear Skin: 8 Scientific Foods for Clear Skin

What to Eat for Clear Skin
Clear Skin

Are you looking for how to take care of your skin naturally? You’re in the right place. Healthy skin, in my opinion, is a combination of different factors diet, lifestyle, and skincare. We're going to talk about what to eat for clear skin. These are all foods and diet that I eat. I think skincare is important. It's a small piece of the puzzle. A bigger piece of the puzzle is what you eat and your lifestyle. Here we are not going to talk about any beauty skin product for clear skin. We will talk about the best food for clear skin. These are all foods you can get and eat easily.

First I like to share my story. Honestly, my skin didn't change and tell us her to change the way I eat before my wedding. I spent close to a thousand dollars to get glowing skin. I'm not proud of this thousand dollars and microdermabrasion treatments on serums to get the bridal glowing skin.
What didn't happen because I didn't change the way I eat. I was just focusing on the problem externally and not internally. Now that I've changed the way I eat. I have much better skin than I used to. I’m not genetically blessed with good skin. And I really have to work on it. I will still have days when I break out, I will still have days when things are a little bit irritating. And that could be because of stress. It could be because I probably wasn't eating as well as I thought.

 I don't think anyone can have perfect skin all the time. There’s no such thing as perfect skin. So don't beat yourself up. If you're struggling with skin issues just try your best and don't stress about it. I think when we're stressed about it. It becomes worse. I've talked about the context let's dive into the tips will be mainly for reducing things like redness to reduce premature aging and for reducing acne. Personally, all these natural skincare tips improved my skin a lot. If you want to know how to take care of your skin naturally, read this till the end. This list contains the best food for clear skin. These all are natural things that are good for your skin and you don’t need to buy any skin product to get glowing skin.

8 The Best Food for Clear Skin

0 Eat Healthily

Tip, as I'd like to call it for “what to eat for clear skin”, eats a healthy and balanced diet consistently. I didn't even want to mention this as a tip that's why I'm calling it tip number zero. Because they all know we need to do that. We all know we need to eat a healthy diet for good skin but it was worth mentioning because that is the foundation for the rest of the tips. If you're not eating a healthy diet consistently none of the other natural skin care tips that I'm going to provide you in this article. Make any sense to do on their own.

 Nutrition is not about just doing one thing. There's no one particular nutrient, there's no one particular magic cure for your skin. It's about doing things in conjunction with each other. What is a healthy diet? That is a million-dollar question. We can all do different diets and still have healthy skin because honestly there is no one-size-fits-all approach. When it comes to nutrition you could be vegan, you could be a pescetarian, you could be paleo. It doesn't matter. You can all have good skin. The thing that I think makes the most difference is to stick to a diet that is predominantly Whole Foods or minimally processed food. Take out those ultra-processed foods that take out the foods that don't have much nutrition.

1 Reduce Refined Sugar

If you’re really serious about “best diet for acne-prone skin ” please first reduce refined sugar. There is a link in the science between sugar excess sugar and things like skin wrinkling in sagging premature aging. Let me tell you a lot of the wrinkles that I do have. I've had them for quite some time. I used to be a sugar addict. Now I can't reverse the damage that I've done but at least I can prevent more damage from happening. So what is it about the sugar that causes problems. There is a process called gyration that happens when there is extra sugar molecules.
They attach to the collagen in your skin and they make that calls and stiff and less elastic. So your skin loses its firmness. It starts at Sag and then we have wrinkles. If you want to prevent wrinkles and you want to keep your skin healthy long-term. Reduce the refined sugar in your diet.

2 If You’re  really serious about “the best diet for acne skin”.  Please First Avoid Eating High Glycemic Food.

On it, tip number two is to avoid or limit high glycemic. What is a high glycemic food?. A high glycemic food increase blood sugar level very quickly. Examples of high glycemic foods include Cakes, oats,  white bread, cakes, rice cakes and things like that. These are foods that cause acne in adults. It’s for your skin to reduce the consumption of High Glycemic Food. According to science, there is a link between glycemic foods and acne. And I also feel that this actually does make sense.

Because when I eat more of Glycemic rich foods or when I eat more processed carbohydrates that raise my blood sugar very quickly. I do tend to break out more. If you're having issues and breakouts and you want to reduce them. It's a better idea to stick to low glycemic foods and medium glycemic foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

3 Eat Enough Protein and Vitamin C for Glowing skin

 As you know here I am sharing the best food for clear skin. So Tip number three that I want to share is to eat enough protein and vitamin C. This is a super supplement for skin. If you're eating a balanced diet. You probably are getting enough protein and vitamin C but I still wanted to mention some special considerations. So, first of all, why is protein and vitamin C important for your skin?. Well both of them are building blocks for collagen and your skin is made out of collagen. If you’re really serious about “foods to eat for glowing skin”, you need to get enough protein and vitamin. Let's tackle protein first so in terms of the protein if you're eating a proper diet and you're eating enough calories.

 You probably are getting enough protein but let's say you're on a calorie-restrictive diet. And if you're on a weight loss plan make sure you're getting enough protein because if you're on a calorie-restricted diet depending on how many calories you eat. You could be under eating the protein. The other thing you should keep in mind is if you're eating a diet where you're eliminating a lot of food groups. Let's you're allergic to a lot of food groups or you're eliminating them for other reasons. You could be under eating and that could result and not getting good amount of protein.

Now let's tackle the vitamin C.If you're eating good amount of vegetables and fruits and a balance of them you probably are getting enough vitamin C. But one an important consideration is that when you are stressed or when you're going through periods of stress, your body actually uses up a lot more vitamin C.So during that time it's better to eat more vitamin C.

4 Eat Enough Omega-3

Tip number four is to eat enough omega-3 fatty acids.Omega-3 is the best diet for acne-prone skin. Why are oh maybe three fatty acids important well. They managed oil production in your skin. They can help reduce inflammation, reduce acne and premature aging. If you're not plant-based. You can get your omega-3 fatty acids from fish. I personally get it from fish salmon, herring and mackerel. These are fatty fish that have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. I do recognize some people can't eat seeds they tend to have issues with it. So in my case you can take a supplement there is an algae-based supplement it's plat base that does have omega-3 fatty acids. So that could work for you. If you have issues with nuts and seeds.

5 Get Enough Fruits And Veggies

 On Number five our list of the best food for clear skin is to get enough vegetables and fruits. And to make sure you get a variety. This kind of ties into the base tip which was to eat a healthy diet and to me that means eating a lot of fruit and veggies. The amount of fruit and veggies you eat is totally personal but I would suggest half a plate of fruit and veggie. That is the suggestion of a lot of nutrition organizations. When you're getting half a plate of fruit and veggie for every single meal try to focus on getting a variety. So you're not eating the same ones every single week because when you're eating the same fruits and veggies all the time. You're getting exactly the same nutrients again and again. And it's good to change it up because all different fruits and veggies have different vitamins, minerals, and different phytochemicals. For example, something like watermelons has lycopene. Lycopene reduces sun damage and something like onion will not have like a pimple. Have something else they have a compound in them that helps reduce scars. So really it is best to get a variety so you get a variety of different nutrients. Some of the best fruits for clear skin, you should eat are orange, kiwi, papaya, etc.

6 Zinc

 Tip number six that I want you should know for “good food for clear skin is to get enough zinc because this is the best diet for acne-prone skin.  I don't really like to talk about specific nutrients and skin because it's not like zinc will make your skin amazing. But I wanted to mention zinc specifically because of the low level of zinc cause of acne. So if you are struggling with acne and breakup and scarring as well then it might be related to zinc. I'm not saying definitely really to think it just might be. So have a look at what you're eating and make sure you're getting enough Sang.

 7Take Probiotics and Prebiotics

 Tip number seven is to eat enough probiotics and prebiotics. It’s important for good digestion and good gut health. This means we're going to have healthier skin. There is a link between those probiotics and the simplest sense are bacteria that are good for us. Prebiotics are the food for that bacteria so if you were to just focus on the probiotics and not eat the prebiotics. You're not going to have that much of a benefit. It's important to get both so in terms of probiotics a lot of people recommend a supplement.
 I think supplements do work for certain people but I am getting it from food. First and if that's not helping then try a supplement. In terms of food a couple options or things like sauerkraut, kimchee, and yogurt. It can be plant-based or dairy depending on what works for you and in terms of prebiotics. There are a lot of foods that have periodic. Spri biotic are basically types of fibers that your gut bacteria feed on.  Things like garlic onions, asparagus, apples, and oats all of these have prebiotics.

8 Reduce Dairy

The last tip for What to Eat to Get Clear Skin is to reduce dairy and see how it goes. I was almost not going to include this tip in this list because it's not based on concrete scientific evidence. But there is some preliminary evidence in the last two or three years, it shows that high dairy foods that cause pimples and oily skin. I personally do find this to be the case a lot of things about nutrition are about trying them on yourself. Everyone is so different. There's no one-size-fits-all approach.

 Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article “what to eat for clear skin  “ and you found it informative. These are the best food to eat for clear skin. Just you need to focus on your lifestyle, eating, and habits. These are simple natural skin care tips and you can easily apply them. Please share all these natural skincare tips with your friends, family, and other people.

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How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally: 5 Natural Skin Care Tips

How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Are you looking for how to take care of your skin naturally.? We're going to be talking about what I would consider my absolute of 5 natural skin care tips  for your best skin ever. In the last few years, my skin has changed a lot.  Through that time and I really have made some quite significant changes to my skincare routine. I used to have the worst skincare routine ever like cycle back to five years ago. I wouldn't even remove my makeup before bed I was terrible I was just all so bad I was so bad skin really did pay for that. It was quite congested I had a lot of breakouts. My pores were quite big I was producing a lot of oil.I figured out some really quite easy things that you can implement to your skincare routine that will make a world of difference like an absolute world of difference. Now with these five beauty tips for glowing skin or five natural skin care tips for your best skin ever.
I'm about artistry tips and things like that and things that I do make my beauty routine a lot easier and well just having everything looking good.
 Yeah if you're interested in learning today about how to get glowing skin naturally. Here are top 5 healthy skin tips for face please keep reading it. 

1 Use Sunscreen

My first tip for how to get glowing skin naturally is to use sunscreen. I know that it seems quite simple but there are I reckon. It's more than 70% of people will leave the house with a face of makeup or without having any sun protection. UV rays are so damaging to the skin. It causes premature aging. Obviously, there are issues like skin cancers and things like that cause aging of the neck, the d├ęcolletage the back of the hands. You get more lines to get more texture and you just look tired. The Sun is so damaging. In some countries, the sun has some of the strongest UV rays down which makes it even more important for us. To make sure that we're actually using a really good quality sunscreen underneath. You know within our makeup product it's actually going to really combat those harsh rays and really protect our skin.

  It's quite difficult to find a sunscreen that works for you. I hated wearing sunscreen on my face for a very long time didn't like the smell of it didn't like the feel of it. I felt like it made my makeup quite greasy and made it kind of wipe and slip off. It's really about finding a formula that really works for you. I've been loving this one by Demi logic. I know it's another demi illogical product. I adored Dermalogica honestly and this is their dynamic skin recovery. This is an SPF 50, it's a broad-spectrum sunscreen. This stuff feels like a moisturizer. It really absorbs into the skin it doesn't leave any greasy texture at all. It’s just like a why and then it's sort of it blends into nothing. It is honestly beautiful doesn't smell like sunscreen. It smells like essential oils and it feels so hydrating and soft.

 2 Use Oil in Your Skin to Get Glowing Skin

My second tip for healthy skin tips for face is to start using oils in your skin routine. Oil really helps to get glowing skin. I was forever scared of oils. I purchased everything as long as it said oil-free I was like yep that's going to be good I've got to use that. I hated oil I was producing oil. I don't want oil on my body, face and in my hair. Let me tell you ever since I have started actually implementing and mixing oils into my skincare routine. It has made an absolute world of difference. My skin looks younger, a lot more hydrated, and it looks plump.

Sometime how after a facial if you go and you would have a facial. You walk out of the salon or you know the clinic and your skin's like would you say fall. It looks like it's full and like quite plump and nearly not swollen but like full of volume. I have found the same results from using oil. The other absolutely incredible thing is that using oils in your skin routine will actually help reduce the amount of oil that you produce oils penetrate into the skin really deeply. They rehydrate, reinforce the molecular structure of the skin cells they're just so good. I've got a little one here that I'm absolutely swearing by and actually Brandon is obsessed with this.

The best time to use oil is night time. I personally don't like to use oils in the morning or during the day. For me, oils are something that I only use at nighttime. So I will use this as my last step in my skincare routine well absolutely drench my face in air and then I will sleep and basically wake up in the morning 100% hydrated looking bar and ready to take on a day.

3 Use Face Wash Cleaner

If you are really serious about how to take care of your skin naturally use face wash cleaner regularly.  .I think this is quite simple and easy to do natural skincare tips. You don't really need to think twice about it but how you cleanse your face is actually extremely important. A lot of people think that they can use a quick boricua cleanser or something and they're good to go. Unfortunately, it's not that simple and really looking after your skin and the thing that also people I think to forget is the skins actually an organ. Your skin is a living organ and you need to look after it you know with that in mind. Now with cleanses, I always used to choose something that made me feel squeaky clean.  

You know how you might cleanse your face or wash it in the show and you get out and you can like rub your skin. And it's got the texture. It's nearly like grippe and it's like when you rub your fingers over at near squeaks because it is just you have basically sucked the life out of that skin. You have cleaned off all of the oils all of basically everything. You've actually left that skin completely overexposed. It's no longer got a barrier to protect it from the environment but you've also removed any natural oils and you dehydrated all of those cells. Now, unfortunately, I was in the same thing I'd be like Oh oil-free super clean.  That's going to be the right cleanser.

I actually prefer to use cleansers that are milky type based cleansers and that actually do have oil in them. Because it still removes all the dirt the impurities the sunscreen, their makeup, the pollution and everything off my skin. But it leaves my skin's barrier intact and it doesn't dehydrate my skin. One of my favorite cleansers is this one here by dr. Spiller. This is their cleansing milk with cucumber extract really gentle on the skin really soft. It feels quite nourishing and I was kind of a bit confused by this product at the start because I'd been used to using those cleanses that really strips the skin and lifts my face feeling squeaky clean.

 I hope that I'm making since I'm probably not making any sense at all but yeah I was super confused when I started to use that cuz I like my face still feels oily like what is going on. Let me tell you though since I've stopped using those harsher cleanses my skin is so much healthier. Obviously healthier skin means fewer breakouts. It means more luminosity and volume, it means less fine lines, wrinkles less dehydration less oil production like my skin feels like different skin. I do not feel like the same skin that I had on my face five or six years ago. The other thing with cleansing also is the importance of pre-cleansing.

Pre cleansing is essentially using a cleanser to really remove all of the makeup and dirt and things that are on your skin before actually then going in and cleansing your skin properly underneath. My absolute favorite pre cleanser is the Dermalogica pre-cleanse. This is actually a liquid and it is also an oil. I know I'm obsessed with oils and I'm like give me all the oil. You're probably going so random but trust me on this. This is essentially it's a liquid oil you squirt it onto your hands. You rub it over a full face of makeup. So you don't need to wipe off your makeup first straight over the top rub it in rinse it off and then go in with your cleanser.

4 Use Chemical Exfoliants

 Moving on to tip number four list of beauty tips for glowing skin is to use chemical exfoliates and physically exfoliates and I actually personally prefer chemical exfoliants. So essentially a chemical exfoliant is a skin care product. It might be an acid it might be an enzyme whatever it is that you apply to the skin and it kind of it speeds up the renewal process of these cells. Its really smooth texture, smooth pause, and fine lines really give the skin a great boost and your skin looks brighter, healthier more radiant. And I never ever used a chemical exfoliant. I reckon I only started using chemical exfoliants maybe six months ago. I'm not the girl who goes to the salon once a week and gets a facial. I don't really and I mean it's terrible. Chemical exfoliants really only used to be something that you could get you to know within a facial in a professional-grade salon. But now chemical exfoliants are available on the market and there are some incredibly gentle ones out there.

I'm not talking about products that are going to make your skin all red and sore and really irritate the cells and really strip your skin of all of its life no. I'm talking really gentle products that you can use once a day and honestly again like I probably said many  times in this article ever since I started using a chemical exfoliant. My skin is so much clearer and smoother. It is brighter my texture is so much better like my pores and just the texture on my cheeks because I do have to texture it. Just it looks like a new skin and I'm so excited about it. I get emotional about it sometimes because all the way through school I was so embarrassed about my skin. 

  I was bullied for having enlarged pores I was bullied up until I reckon like nineteen twenty-four having large pores. It's so nice that something as simple as you know introducing a new product to my skincare routine like the fact that it's made that much of a difference. I'm so excited so I'm just going to quickly run you through some chemical exfoliants that I have tried that I've been using that I do quite like and that have worked for me. First up another one by the ordinary. This is the lactic acid plus hyaluronic acid. This is their 10% plus 2% formula. I found this to work really well. I do know that there are other people out there that have had no luck with this product at all. 

It's affordable, simple and it works well. I only use Chemical exfoliants really at night time because you know they're my skin rests through the night you know without any makeup kind of on top , Absolutely amazing. This stuff really simple to use. Another one that I'm absolutely obsessed with is the Sunday Riley good Jean. This is an all-in-one lactic acid treatment and like I was saying you know it deeply exfoliates. It gets rid of dull surface skin cells. It increases brighteners and clarity and makes your skin look younger. I mean all of these will do all of that but yeah that's another really good one. This one's a lot more pricey and I think this one's like 10 or $15 and this one might be it's definitely over 100. Another great one is the Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant.

This one's actually got fruit enzymes in it. It smells amazing. I just chuck it on for 10 to 15 minutes once a week after I've had a shower and cleanse my skin. This brilliant stuff really brightens my skin. It really increases the radiant and gets rid of the texture amazing. The last one Dermalogica that I'm obsessed with is the daily micro fowling.  It's actually a powder and you tip it out into your hand. You mix it with a little bit of water and then you use it all over your face. It's cotton you kind of use it as like a scrub. This is actually a rice-based powder and activates when you mix it with water and it releases enzymes. 

It really sorts of gently exfoliate the top surface of the skin smooth everything out. This one's gentle enough to be used every single day and it's designed to be used every single day. The other thing that's great about this is it's got like a gritty texture. So you actually feel like you're doing a scrub. You know how sometimes you get that mind trick happening where you haven't. If you haven't scrubbed your skin. You don't feel like you've had an exfoliation and if you've got that kind of thing going on this will give you both but honestly chemical exfoliants Oh, couldn't recommend them anymore.

5 Sleep on Silk Pillowcase

 Lastly, tip number five for how to get glowing skin naturally and this is probably the most simple out of all-natural skin care tips. I sleep on a silk pillowcase and my skin is completely different. If he's absolutely completely diff. I have always my entire life slip-on cotton pillowcases and I always used to wake up with kind of like lines. Sometimes when you sleep like your skin might fold and then you'll get like a line and those lines for me used to last quite a few hours. After I woke up and it's because what the cotton actually does is it sucks all of the moisture out of your skin really dehydrates the skin. Dehydrated skin means oilier skin. I was like what is going on and  I cannot get my oils to calm down. I cannot get my skin to balance out and just to settle ever since sleeping on a silk pillowcase life changed.

 And if you think about like cotton it is quite harsh and even on your hair. You don't want I mean we move in our sleep like as we're breathing is like micro-movements. You are basically rubbing your face with a harsh cotton surface the entire night.I'm not a boogie personality. I don't have fancy things around my house fancy China fancy sleepwear fancy linen. I'm just not that girl but the one thing that I'm more than happy to actually invest money in is a silk pillowcase absolutely incredible. I've got one from is it slip silk or sleep silk.

I hope you find this “How to get glowing skin naturally” helpful if you do have any other questions about skincare and  if you want any other because obviously there are a lot more products than these you know that I've tested and tried in the past. If you want more product alternatives or questions about specific products that you are looking into trying please leave all of that stuff down below in the comments section.